Volume 4, Issue 1 (2018)

Volume 4, Issue 1 (2018)

Theme: Public Anthropology
Editors: Meredith Evans, Nadine Ryan, Vishwaveda Joshi


The Imagery of Iranian National Identity: A Typology of Slogans During the Aftermath of the 2009 Presidential Election
by Raheleh Abbasinejad | (Blog Post)

Erisian Mysteries: The Art of Squatting, Resistance and Solidarity in Exarcheia, Athens
by Katelyn Squires | (Blog Post)

Borderland, Maquilas, and Feminicide: Issues of Migration and Gendered Violence in Northern Mexico
by Lea Alilovic | (Blog Post)

The Biopolitics of Prenatal Diagnosis: How the Definition of “Health” Shapes the Use and Development of Prenatal Testing
by Leslie Marie Vesely | (Blog Post)

Facebook: The Modern Day Panopticon
by Zaynab Ali | (Blog Post)

NASA’s Big Picture: Losing Sight of Knowing
by Suzanne Kennedy | (Blog Post)

The Pointe Shoe: A Tool for Knowledge Production
by Sebastian Ignacio Oreamuno | (Blog Post)