TABLE OF CONTENTSCH1(1).cover-front
Volume 1, Issue 1 (2014)

Full Journal
(PDF: CH1(1).web)

Front & Back Covers

Front Matter
(PDF: CH1(1).i-iii+v.Front)

Editors’ note or, An open-ended collective discussion (or digression)
(PDF: CH1(1).i-x.EditorsNote; Blog)

An Islander’s notes: The man, the lover, the expat musician on the streets of Athens
by Jeremy Cooper  |  (PDF:CH1(1).1-8.Cooper; Blog)

Loves me, loves me not: The Museum of Broken Relationships scene analysis
by Sara Bencekovic  |  (PDF:CH1(1).9-18.Bencekovic; Blog)

Lines that divide: Aboriginality, Canadian applied anthropology, and transgressing the ‘national anthropological tradition’
by Lindsay Moore  |  (PDF:CH1(1).19-30.Moore; Blog)

Silences on Hindu lesbian subjectivity
by Lucile Crémier  |  (PDF:CH1(1).31-46.Cremier; Blog)

My Peruvian museum
by Priya Chendke  |  (PDF:CH1(1).47-62.Chendke; Blog)

Star parties: An ethnographic exploration of amateur and professional astronomers
by Rayna Slobodian  |  (PDF:CH1(1).63-81.Slobodian; Blog)

William Curtis Farabee: Ethnographic explorer and museum anthropologist
by James Andrew Whitaker  |  (PDF:CH1(1).83-102.Whitaker-rev; Blog)

Performing gender: The construction of Black males in the hip-hop industry
by Nayo Sasaki-Picou  |  (PDF:CH1(1).103-107.Sasaki-Picou; Blog)

Eating politically: Food Not Bombs and growing resistance
by Jayne Malenfant  |  (PDF:CH1(1).109-122.Malenfant; Blog)

Book reviews
Travesti: Sex, gender, and culture among Brazilian transgendered prostitutes by Don Kulick and Flaming souls: Homosexuality, homophobia, and social change in Barbados by David A. B. Murray
reviewed by Curtis Dixon  |  (PDF:CH1(1).123-129.BR-Dixon; Blog)

Abject relations: Everyday worlds of anorexia by Megan Warin
reviewed by Jennifer Newton  |  (PDF:CH1(1).130-134.BR-Newton; Blog)


Volume 2, Issue 1 (2015)

Full Journal
(PDF: CH2(1).web)

Front & Back Covers
(PDF: CH2(1).cover.web)

Front Matter/Acknowledgments
(PDF: CH2(1).i-iii+vFront)


Athens in Play: the artist, gallery, and spectator in crisis
by Elina Lex | (PDF: CH2(1).1-17.Lex; Blog)

Arguing with Songs: an anthropological approach to music, ideology, and gendered subjectivity
by Lucy Ellen Trotter | (PDF: CH2(1).19-38.Trotter; Blog)

On Beauty, Power, Resistance, and More
by Merle Davis Mathews | (PDF: CH2(1).39-48.Davis Matthews; Blog)

Mindfulness and Reverence in Peace Building: a Khmer Buddhist alternative to Bateson’s purposive-consciousness
by Daksha Madhu Rajagopalan | (PDF: CH2(1).49-68.Rajagopalan; Blog)

The Abnormalcy of Everyday Life: Belgrade youth and the legacy of the 1990s in the context of European Union expansion
by Jelena Golubovic | (PDF: CH2(1).69-88.Golubovic; Blog)

Cancer, Appearance, and Identity
by Christabel Homewood | (PDF: CH2(1).89-114.Homewood; Blog)

The Landscape Imagination: intersecting historical ecology and Amerindian perspectivism
by James Andrew Whitaker | (PDF: CH2(1).115-129.Whitaker; Blog)

A Nation in Transition: examining relationships and precarity in Athens, Greece
by Stephanie Buchan | (PDF: CH2(1).131-136.Buchan; Blog)

Book Reviews

On the Doorsteps of Europe: Asylum and Citizenship in Greece by Heath Cabot
Reviewed by Julien Cossette | (PDF: CH2(1).137-143.Book Reviews; Blog)

The Ecology of Others by Philippe Descola
Reviewed by Sandra Moore | (PDF: CH2(1).137-143.Book Reviews; Blog)


Volume 3, Issue 1 (2017)


A Critique of the ‘Paleo Diet’: broader implications of a socio-cultural food practice
by Ashley Reeves | (Blog Post)

Ethnographic Memories: the politics of fieldwork
by Maxime Polleri | (Blog Post)

Body, Nature, and Society: neonatal resuscitation [En] | Corps, Nature et Société : la réanimation néonatale [Fr]
by Clara Czuppon | (Blog Post)

A Guide for Graduate Students: barriers to conducting qualitative research among vulnerable groups
by Priscilla Medeiros | (Blog Post)

Memories of the Herrin Massacre
by Caroline Robertson | (Blog Post)

The Nail is the Man’s Leg
by Christine cricri Bellerose | (Blog Post)

“Man Eaters”: the myth of wild Africa
by Kendall Artz| (Blog Post)

From Nature to Nation: Shizen and the development of the Japanese national imagery
by Alexander MacNeil | (Blog Post)



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