Publication Guidelines

Publication Guidelines

Please ensure that your work respects the following guidelines before submitting for publication.

The submission:
– is original and has not been published in (or in consideration for) another journal. Authors must own the rights of their work. Requests for exceptions should be addressed to the editorial collective;
– pertains to the discipline of anthropology;
– follows the Contingent Horizons standards of publication (Contingent Horizons Style Guide).
– is 25 pages double-spaced or less (excluding graphics, tables, notes, appendices, and references);
– uses 12-point font with 1-inch margins;
– has been anonymized (see the section “Anonymity and Peer Review” below).

Anonymity and Peer Review

To preserve the integrity of the blind peer review process adopted by this journal, the identities of the authors and reviewers should remain anonymous throughout. This means that authors, editors and reviewers should take into consideration the following steps with regard to the text and the file properties:

  1. The authors of the document must delete their names from the text. They should be temporarily replaced by the word “Author”.  In case of citation of one’s own work, the name of the authors should also be replaced by the word “Author” and year used.  The cited articles’ information should also be temporarily removed.
  2. The authors and reviewers should remove any identifier from the properties of the file. In Microsoft Word, click on the following: Microsoft Office Button (File) > Prepare > Inspect Document. Then click on “Inspect”, followed by “Remove All” next to “Document Properties and Personal Information”. Finally, click on “Reinspect” and make sure to save the document. IMPORTANT: Do not click on “Remove All” next to the other four options, which will permanently delete the data associated with them. (Please refer to the support website of Microsoft Office for further details).

Please submit your work in a word processor format at with the subject “SUBMISSION”. Please also provide an abstract (maximum 250 words) and information about your current education level (e.g.: undergraduate student) and institution (if applicable). Submissions are limited to one work per author per call for papers.

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