Call for Papers 2018

Call for Papers & Peer Reviewers 2018/19 – Contingent Horizons Volume 5 Issue 1

Issue Theme: Objects

Contingent Horizons is York University’s peer-reviewed student journal of anthropology. We aim to showcase scholarly and creative works of academic excellence by undergraduate and graduate students. We invite prospective contributors to submit their original, unpublished works for publication in our fifth volume. Selected submissions will be published online and in print, with complimentary print copies provided to the authors. Students of anthropology and related disciplines are encouraged to submit their work.

1) Submissions:

We are accepting submissions of original works that pertain to the discipline of anthropology, specifically relating to the issue’s theme of Objects. This issue centers on objects, things, artifacts, facts, people, actions, processes, and so on—stories that relate to the question: how are objects embedded in the world and the world embedded in objects?

This issue’s theme is inspired by what Joe Dumit (2014) calls the Implosion Project—for further reading see Joseph Dumit, “Writing the Implosion: Teaching the World One Thing at a Time,” Cultural Anthropology 29, no. 2 (2014): 344-362, available online at:

In this issue we encourage authors to reflect on their research and ask themselves what objects are central to their fieldwork, ethnographies, and imaginaries? This issue approaches object constitution generously, seeks to trouble the boundaries of objects and questions what is an object? Because undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology are grappling with objects of some kind or another in their research, we encourage a broad range of submissions on any topic; students are encouraged to submit dissertation chapters, thesis chapters, major research papers, or course papers for potential publication. Submissions can also include but are not limited to: ethnographic research papers, literature reviews, photo essays, and creative writing.

We are also looking for students to write brief book reviews of relevant anthropological or ethnographic works published recently, between 2017-2018.

The extended deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. Please review the submission guidelines at prior to submission.

2) Peer Reviewers:

We are recruiting both undergraduate and graduate students who are willing to act as peer reviewers between October 2018-April 2019. Each peer reviewer will be asked to provide substantive and constructive feedback about the content of one manuscript.

If you are interested in being a peer reviewer, please email Please include your institutional affiliation, degree program, year of study, and areas of scholarly interest.