Contingent Horizons: The York University Student Journal of Anthropology provides a platform for graduate and undergraduate students to publish their scholarly work in a peer-reviewed academic journal. The journal is guided by an ethos of social justice, which informs its functioning, structure, and policies. This ethos also informs the selection of relevant material for publication. The editorial board is a collective of graduate and undergraduate students at York University, with a faculty advisor from the York University Department of Anthropology.

Contingent Horizons is committed to a variety of formats, including ethnographic research papers, literature reviews, book reviews, photo essays, and creative writing. Contingent Horizons is an open access journal, a publication format that reflects the aspiration and desire to render knowledge accessible to broader audiences. The website offers a platform for respectful discussions that extend the life of scholarly materials and debates beyond publication.


In June 2013, the first cohort of York Anthropology’s newly founded methods field school flew to Athens, Greece, for an intensive month of learning opportunities. It was there, while enjoying a frappé in the much-appreciated shade of a café patio, that grew the idea to provide a publication platform for students beginning their engagement with anthropology.

Editorial Collective Members

Meredith Evans, Vishwaveda Joshi, Nadine Ryan

Faculty Advisor

Professor Othon Alexandrakis

Journal Design and Composition

Kathe Gray

Past Editorial Collective Members

Parinaz Adib, Janita Van Dyk, Andrea Vitopoulos, Melanie Zhang (2016-2017)

Parinaz Adib, Julien Cossette, Kathe Gray, Dayna Jeffrey, Janita Van Dyk, Andrea Vitopoulos (2015)

Parinaz Adib, Julien Cossette, and Andrea Vitopoulos (2013-2014)

Publication Information

ISSN 2292-7514 (Print)
ISSN 2292-6739 (Online)
Published by the Department of Anthropology at York University

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