Volume 2, Issue 1 (2015)

CH2.coverVolume 2 of Contingent Horizons: The York University Student Journal of Anthropology is now available! We would like to thank all of our contributors and the Department of Anthropology at York University in particular who continues to generously support and publish this journal.

While Contingent Horizons has been printed in a limited number of copies, the electronic version of the journal is its keystone. It is our hope that the website will offer a safe space for respectful discussion that will extend the life of the published scholarly materials and encourage debates beyond their publication. The articles currently available in PDF format have also been published as blog entries, which will facilitate commentaries and healthy discussions.


Table of Contents
Volume 2, Issue 1 (2015)

Front & Back Covers
(PDF: CH2(1).cover.web)

Front Matter/Acknowledgments
(PDF: CH2(1).i-iii+vFront)


Athens in Play: the artist, gallery, and spectator in crisis
by Elina Lex | (PDF: CH2(1).1-17.Lex; Blog)

Arguing with Songs: an anthropological approach to music, ideology, and gendered subjectivity
by Lucy Ellen Trotter | (PDF: CH2(1).19-38.Trotter; Blog)

On Beauty, Power, Resistance, and More
by Merle Davis Mathews | (PDF: CH2(1).39-48.Davis Matthews; Blog)

Mindfulness and Reverence in Peace Building: a Khmer Buddhist alternative to Bateson’s purposive-consciousness
by Daksha Madhu Rajagopalan | (PDF: CH2(1).49-68.Rajagopalan; Blog)

The Abnormalcy of Everyday Life: Belgrade youth and the legacy of the 1990s in the context of European Union expansion
by Jelena Golubovic | (PDF: CH2(1).69-88.Golubovic; Blog)

Cancer, Appearance, and Identity
by Christabel Homewood | (PDF: CH2(1).89-114.Homewood; Blog)

The Landscape Imagination: intersecting historical ecology and Amerindian perspectivism
by James Andrew Whitaker | (PDF: CH2(1).115-129.Whitaker; Blog)

A Nation in Transition: examining relationships and precarity in Athens, Greece
by Stephanie Buchan | (PDF: CH2(1).131-136.Buchan; Blog)

Book Reviews

On the Doorsteps of Europe: Asylum and Citizenship in Greece by Heath Cabot
Reviewed by Julien Cossette | (PDF: CH2(1).137-143.Book Reviews; Blog)

The Ecology of Others by Philippe Descola
Reviewed by Sandra Moore | (PDF: CH2(1).137-143.Book Reviews; Blog)


For more information about the vision of this journal, an annual open-access student journal that seeks to expand anthropological discussion by publishing students’ work and remaining open to a variety of alternative formats, please click here.


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