We returned from York University’s first anthropological methods field school in Athens, Greece, full of ambitions. This sense of naive excitement permeated our discussions in the following weeks as the idea of Contingent Horizons was blossoming. In the midst of overwhelming support, the warnings of the challenges to come had not yet sunk in. But they did months later during moments of sheer panic, in front of our computers at 3 am, or arguing over single and double quotations at a coffee shop. Countless people, known or unknown, named or unnamed, have joined us in this process of crafting the journal without whom none of this would have been possible. We owe the tangible beauty of the design of the journal to Kathe Gray, who also inundated us with encouragement, and generously shared her knowledge and experience of the publication world. Her hard work spanned beyond any title we could think of, and we are extremely grateful for her patience, perseverance, and reliability. We are indebted to Professors Othon Alexandrakis (our faculty advisor) and Albert Schrauwers for their guidance, patience, and never-ending support. They pushed us to reach beyond what we thought was imaginable. Janita Van Dyk helped us spread the word about Contingent Horizons whether it be through her enthusiasm or her beautifully designed posters. Yana Pasternak contributed to the building of momentum during the early imaginings of the journal. Both of their presences were invaluable. The contributors and peer reviewers have made this journal possible by believing in its horizons (which are absolutely contingent). It was a gift to receive so many amazing submissions and we are thankful for their generosity and willingness to share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas with us. Finally, the anthropology department has believed in this project beyond words and ideas. They, as well as the Anthropology Student Association, have helped us create something that we could also physically share with the world through their more than generous funding.

What will come next, we do not know.  But as we close this first volume, and already start thinking about the next one, we invite all of you to join us in the contingency of this moment, to become something different, for the better or the worse of anthropology.

Publication Information
Volume 1, Number 1 (2014)
ISSN 2292-6739 (Online)


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